Shape eyebrows

Shape eyebrows yourself

Shape your own eyebrows!

Now that sounds scary
But is it?

For most of us
It takes time
To find out our type
And what suits us best

Remember the rule of nature

If you respect that
You will shine

What does it mean?

Do not overact
It will be hard to correct

Do not try to be somebody else
You only fool your self

Remember the golden rule
Follow nature and enhance it

Simple isn’t it?

Some eye amazing DIY tutorials

DIY eyebrow shaping

5 minutes to perfect eyebrows

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Shape eyebrows yourself
Make up and cosmetics. Woman depilating eyebrows with tweezers.

Thin or thick eyebrows?

Thick or thin eyebrows

What is best?

There is no rule

Thick or thin
Does not matter

What matters
Is how you feel

And how you enhance
What you have

Easy said?

Tutorial videos

Perfect eyebrows in 3 minutes

Easy totorial for very thin and sparse brows

Eyebrow tutorial for thick brows

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Eyebrows fleek

Eye problems and injuries

Eyebrows fleek

Take care of your eyes!

Eye problems occur more often than thought.
Some warning and solutions to avoid injury are imperative

Kind of injuries

Every year a great number of people get eye injuries.
Some by accident others by abusive use of chemicals and others by intensive screen watching.

Their solutions

Most of the accidents can be avoided with the use of safety eyewear .
And many others can be prevented by following the safety instructions of household products. Too many are still using them in the wrong way with terrible consequences.

Some tips for indoors

– Read the safety rules carefully. Every product has its own.
– Wear chemical safety gloves.
– Do NOT rub your eyes after working with chemicals .
– Wash your hands carefully after handling poison or chemicals and know that some products are a bad match with water.
– Be careful with children around.
– Cover your mouth and nose and use safety glasses with hazardous solvents.
– Store your products in a safe place out of reach of children and heat.
– Work in optimal circumstances with enough light and aeration.
– Be careful when opening taps and vans
– Guard your power equipment
– Be attentive with frying oils in the kitchen, they spurt out. Wear glasses.

Some tips for outdoors

– Do not look into the sun
– Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays
– Wear protective eyewear while playing sports or performing outdoor recreational activities
– Be careful with fireworks and experimental science labs
– When aging eyedrops might help your dry eyes

Beware of cvs (computer vision syndrome)

With the incresed use of computers, tablets and mobiles, more and more people are getting eye strains. Youngsters and young adults are most vulnerable.

The symptoms are:
– red and watery eyes for youngsters
– dry eyes for eldery people
– problems with focus
– aching and tired eyelids
– eye muscle spasm
– backache and headache
– Pain above the eyebrows and ear regions

If so do some eye exercise every ten minutes and give some rest in between by closing your eyes. Shield your eyes from blue rays when looking at tv or computer,screens regularly. Focus objects at fifferent distance for several seconds and rotate your eyes slowly in all directions. Give ample rest to the eyes. Glasses with UV shield protect you from computer screen. Keep distance from the monitor.

Extra tips for lens wearers and users of cosmetics

Be careful with the use of cosmetics. Adverse reactions are injury, eye irritation, allergy, dryness, infection, and lens deposition.

– By hypoallergenic cosmetics and especially the non-scented variety, manufactured by big brand names.
– Wash your applicator brushes for cosmetics regularly and do not use them for other purpose.
– Mascara and eye shadows which are glittery, pearlized, frosted should be avoided. They contain ground tinsel or oister shell!
– Never apply eyeliner on the inner lid edge.
– Loose powder should also be avoided.
– Do not apply cream near the eyes.
– Always wash hands while handling contact lens.
– Do not wash your face with contact lens on

Prevention is the best advice.
Be careful. Your eyes are precious.
Nothing can replace them.

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Eyebrows fleek
Take care of your eyes

Hooded eye

Hooded eyes
Hooded eyes
Snowy owl, white with hooded eyes. isolated

Hooded eye

What exactly
Is a hooded eye

As the word suggests
An eye with a hat

They look like cat’s eyes
No eyelid

No distraction
Very piercing

Be happy with your hood
If you have one

Famous hooded eyes

Nicole Kidmann


Make-up video for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes do’s and don’ts


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When Third Eye is active

When your third eye is active

Become aware…

When your Third Eye is active
you have super intelligence

Beyond daily reality

When your two eyes are active
You worry about the external reality

The one we face daily

What are we  going to buy
Who is going to pay

the bank balance becomes reality
because it is externally oriented

What happened to the internal oriented reality?

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When your third eye is active
Eyes of Buddha . Thiksey Gompa. Ladakh, India

Look here !

Eyebrows fleek

Open your eyes!

Welcome to this awesome eyebrows fleek.
A site dedicated to brows and their beauty.

With your help, we will make the best of it!

Best shops on line
And much more…

Find your fleek
Stay on fleek!

Eyebrows fleek, the dream of every women

Wit is in the eye of the beholder.

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Beauty products

The beauty of gemstones

The beauty of gemstones

Use the right jewels

Gemstones are fashion
They are in

colorful stones
polished rocks
precisely cut
become jewelry

Minerals of rare value
Semi precious stones
used for therapeutic
And aesthetic purposes

Identify the stones

Their chemical composition
Luster and hardness
Fracture and cleavage

Their specific hardness
Dispersion and gravity
Refractive index

Classifications are many
Varieties, Species and groups
Cubic, trigonal or monoclinic crystals

The most valuable gemstones?

The diamond
Emerald, ruby,
Opal and sapphire

Size matters too

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The beauty of gemstones
Colorful faceted gemstone collection sitting on rocks.

Your type of skin

Baby skin

Does it matter?

Yes !
Skin matters too
Baby face or rimpled


Not to forget
All the anomalies

Skin erruptions

That makes a lot
To think of
And to care for

Today special instrumentation
Can detect your type
And what is needed as remedy

The world of cosmetics
Is one of the most sophisticated
It just needs the right ointment

and remember
your skin is
your biggest organ

take  care of it!

A song

Sesame street: a skin song


Know your skin type

How to buy make-up according to your skin type? 

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Baby skin
Baby skin

The colors of an eyebrow

Zebra fleek

The colors of an eyebrow


And even white

I never saw a zebra eyebrow

And yet
They are amazing
Aren’t they?

Nature on fleek
Not just mankind
Animals too

Zebra eyebrows

That would be new fashion. No?

A human eyebrow
like a zebra

Zebra fleek!


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The Art of make-up

The art of make-up
The art of make-up
The art of make-up

The Art of make-up

Cosmetic paint

Used to accentuate
Or dim the particularities
Of a face

It is as old
As the history of men

Mata Hari
Marilyn Monroe

Used in theater
And pantomime

Yellow ochres

Mixed with water
And oils

Upper classes
Middle classes
Lower classes

Its use has no boundaries
Nor gender

Video Tutorial

Bollywood princess make-up tutorial


Product tips

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Eye Shapes matter

Almond eyes

Eye shapes ?

Know your type
Know your style

Shapes and eyes
Come in many shades

And make-up
Goes accordingly

What goes for one
Does not go for the other

What is your shape?

Test the shape of your eye

Determine your eye shape

Tutorial Videos

Eye shape matters

Eye shape geometry

Remember the fleek of eye shape!

The shape of an eye comes with form, geometry and color. It is a determinant factor in make-up and your eyebrows will be shaped accordingly.

Almond eyes and eye shapes
Set of vector eyes shapes with captions.

Eyebrow shape

Eyebrows shapes
Female eyebrows fleek
Silhouette of female eyes open, different shapes

Eyebrow shape

just like eyes
the eybrow has its own shape

Know your type

The arched
The rounded
The straight
The s-shapes
The steep arched

Sounds simple again
Just follow your fleek

Awesome Tutorial Videos on the web

How to determine your type

How to shape natural eyebrows

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Nutrition for Your Skin

Your figure matters too

Your figure matters too
Connected Reality series. Composition of human lines, numbers, lights on the subject of metaphysics, religion, philosophy, science and modern technology

Your figure matters too

Whether you are tall
Or small

Or thin

It matters too


And yet rounded
Is more beautiful
Than angled

Be your self

An old recipe for your bowls and line

• 2 tablespoons of honey.
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.
• 250 ml of water.

Pour boiling water on the cinnamon and let cool.
Add the honey. Drink half of it before going to sleep.
The other half next morning on an empty stomach.

Eat half an apple with the mixture.
You will feel the difference after a week

Tip: Never add the honey when the water is boiling. It spoils its properties.
Ask your doctor or practitionar for advice. This tip does not replace medical advice

An entertaining Video

Breakdance figures: be your self


Probiotics improve your digestive health,
boost your immune system
and help you with weight loss.

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spices buy spices organic spices

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Almond eye make-up

The almond eye make-up
The almond eye make-up
2 types of popular make-up almond eyes with shading.

Almond eyes

As early as 4000 BC
Men and women
Used eye make-up

Gods and statues
All were adorned
With cosmetics

Eye lashes
Eye lids
Eye brows

They used
Black kohl
Green malachite
Red ochre

Not only did they
Make up their eyes
Also their face
Hair and nails


For health
For protection

Tutorial Videos shared on the web

Cleopatra’s make-up

Egyptian make-up tutorial

Almond eyes makeup on fleek!

The almond eye was seen as one of the marks of Egyptian and Greek beauty. Perfect aesthetics.

The make-up of an almond eye has its particular shades and colors. You better know how to use them. Be warned, if not used correctly this make-up will have a desastrous effect on your look. We are not all born Cleopatra. But we have the potential to look gorgious with the right make-up.

Remember the eybrow is the final touch of art… some rules and examples of do it yourself.

Beautiful almond shape eye makeup

Define almond eyes

Let me know!

Let me know your insights, experiences, comments. And if you like my post, give me a big cheers.

If you do not have almond shaped eyes, do not worry.

We’ll cover all the shapes one by one. It will soon be your turn!

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